Talks on culture related topics

Abroad for 20 years

An interesting talk about what it is like to be an expat in Finland, Singapore and the Philippines for a total of 20 years. I will be sharing thoughts about reasons for leaving, work, children, family, international life and finally my experience with the reverse culture clash.

Inspiring and informative talks

Inspirational talks

The concept of listening to talks is all about inspiration which everybody needs from time to time. While some of us need it for professional use, others need it for personal enjoyment and for broadening their horizon.

The topics of the talks are all somehow related to globalism and the culture clashes linked to the increased global way of thinking. They are however, also related to my 20 years abroad and 18 years in Asia and the knowledge I gained about the Asian cultures along the way.

Although each talk will be adapted to the specific audience, they are designed to shed light on both the positive aspects of multiculturalism but also the challenges that arise.

Talks for everyone

The talks are literally designed for everyone with an interest in the global world and the unavoidable culture clash whether in connection with export, import, engaging multicultural teams or due to a an interest of more general nature.

Companies employing foreigners, with overseas subsidiaries or who engage multicultural teams are obvious audiences and the talks can either stand alone or serve as kick off of a longer programme.

Various types of business networks are equally on my list of regulars and so are schools who want to prepare their students for the modern world we live in.

Finally the talks are suited for various types of leisure, discussion and senior citizen clubs where the aim is to broaden one’s horizon.

Informative and motivational

It is my aim to provide informative talks in the sense that I want people to learn something and to give them fruit for thought. I want to add new view-points and angles of the cultural impact for people to consider.

Regardless of the nature of your job and the position you hold, there is always a human aspect. Even the most hard-core technician or engineer has some kind of human interaction which makes these talks relevant for everybody.