About TseConsult

TseConsult is a boutique style consulting firm offering courses, talks and company consulting on cross cultural topics within the field of co-operation, communication and international on-boarding.

As a boutique style company I offer something very unique. By being a small company, focus is completely dedicated to you as a client, your specific needs, situation and challenges.

Being unique is deeply rooted in my personal experience and international background. For 20 years I worked and lived abroad, first in Finland, where I primarily worked with the Baltic countries and later in South East Asia where I worked with people from all over the world in a very global setting.

Cross cultural interaction is the main topic of all courses offered by TseConsult whether it is encountered at Danish companies in Denmark, when working with overseas subsidiaries or abroad in connection with international partners and clients.

I am very determined to offer courses full of applicable knowledge and practical tips that are useful to participants in their daily work. It is furthermore important to me that the used theories are internally acknowledged and that models are well documented in order for presentations not to be based on subjective viewpoints.

Why work with me?

I want you to work with me because I have tried it all myself and I know that my international experience can make a difference to your employees whether they are Danish or foreigners.

As a Dane, I understand the Danish point of view, your Danish employees’ working habits and their preferred communication style. Due to my many years abroad, I do however also understand your international employees, clients and partners and I know what they find strange, different and challenging when working with Danes and Danish companies.

I have worked with and arranged courses and talks for both global multinational companies as well as for small family owned businesses first during my years in Asia and now from my base in Denmark.

My experience is built on a foundation of a B.Eng (Global Business Engineering) from the Technical University of Copenhagen followed by an MBA from the University of Birmingham on top of which I have an extended knowledge of models and theories within the field of cross cultural understanding.

You are welcome to check my LinkedIn profile under Trine Scholer-Eriksen for more information.

The story behind TseConsult

TseConsult branched out from Amtril in 2008, a company I started back in 2005 as a procurement consultancy while residing in Manila, Philippines.

When moving back to Singapore in 2008, it was primarily my cultural knowledge and courses that were in demand which I decided to market through TseConsult. Over time the cross cultural courses, talks and consultancy work have become the main part of the business but is still legally registered under Amtril in the Danish Business Registry under CVR 28574525.