Danish and international etiquette

Gain respect both nationally and internationally by knowing etiquette

Understanding expected etiquette in different situations does not only make you respected but it certainly shows that you respect others.

Etiquette is relevant

Etiquette is essential in connection with any type of human interaction whether on the national or international scale. It is essential when working with sales and customer service regardless of company type or size it is the human element that counts.

International etiquette

When working internationally there are different expectations to behaviour deeply rooted in customs, traditions and norms. This course teaches you the differences.

Participant profile

The course is relevant and suitable for many and it is designed for employees with any kind of human interaction.

For example:

  • Employees with a great deal of customer contact
  • Small companies such as craftsmen and handymen
  • Companies with focus on customer service
  • Sales people
  • Secondary schools
  • Educational institutions

The course content is adapted to the participants’ profiles and the weight of Danish versus international etiquette is equally adjusted to meet expectations.

Course benefits

The course is all about expectations to others in different situations in a modern context.

While the course is adapted to the individual group, the following subjects are often included:

  • Expectations to etiquette, manners and behaviour in different situations
  • Etiquette as the opposite of indifference, selfishness and rudeness
  • Body language and posture
  • Many Danish and international examples of good and bad etiquette
  • Etiquette in connection with social gatherings
  • Work-related etiquette
  • Etiquette and cultural differences

Course content

In general the course is about daily situations that most people can relate to, situations where etiquette and manners lead to success.

By looking at real examples and cases familiar to participants, the course is relevant and applicable.
The course contains:

  • Etiquette as the opposite of indifference, selfishness and rudeness. Definitions, background and relevance
  • Rules and expectations in different situations in connection with behaviour, body language and the spoken language
  • Etiquette and rules in various social connections
  • Professional and work-related etiquette
  • Etiquette and meals
  • Digital etiquette
  • International etiquette

The course is conducted in either Danish or English depending on the group

Om Tse Consult

Course structure

1 day course

The solid choice

Many subjects and views

There are many aspects of etiquette and the course includes a wide range of options, differences and viewpoints.

A course for everybody

Whether you are a craftsman, student or working in an international environment, the course provides you with useful and applicable tools.

Etiquette and modern gadgets

Etiquette in connection with for example mobile phones in meetings and gatherings is very relevant and highly differs across cultures. This course includes many practical examples.

1/2 day course

The short version

The intense version

The short version does not compromise on quality, but subjects will be carefully chosen to secure relevance for participants.

Focus and concentration

Although time is limited, a lot can be achieved in a few hours and participants are normally very focused.

Be inspired

The courses serves as inspiration to how etiquette can be used to enforce positivity and service at work or as a student and most are surprised at the little effort it actually takes.


Be inspired


1 to 2 hour talks on Danish or/and international etiquette the reason why it is important and what can go wrong.

Be inspired

Etiquette is by no means old fashioned, conservative or a thing of the past. Modern etiquette addresses the use of mobile phones and customer service just to mention a few.

It is all about the human element

The human element is everywhere and everybody likes to be treated nicely with a smile as efficiently as possible regardless of position and business type that is the main reason for etiquette to be current and relevant.

Customised training

Especially for you

Designed for your needs

It is all about you, your interest and your needs as slow or as fast as you choose and at the location of your choice. The course can be kept short or spread over a longer period of time, it is up to you.

Different groups

You as a company might feel the need to address different groups of employees differently as some might be working nationally while others are more internationally oriented.

As a part of something else

Etiquette as a theme is very suitable as a part of something else like for example staff development days or team building. Contact me for more ideas.