South- and South East Asia

Learn about the South and South East Asian regions

Gain a lot of knowledge about the countries, the people and the cultures in the South and South East Asian regions. Get to know more about their expectations to their own countries, their neighbours and the west not to mention the challenges they face.

Knowledge leads to respect

Mutual respect is the foundation for trade and cooperation but it requires knowledge and understanding. Most Asians are aware of their historical and present link to the west and they have high great expectations to you as well.

Know the differences

The South and South East Asian regions cover a very large geographical area and are home to large populations that are very different in all possible ways. Knowing differences and is not only an advantage but a must.

Participant profile

This course is for companies and employees working with the South and South East Asian regions, especially if you are:

  • Working with export to the South or South East Asian regions
  • Working with import from the South or South East Asian regions
  • Working with business partners from South and South East Asia, for example in connection with outsourcing
  • Working with virtual colleagues from these regions
  • About to move to a country in these two regions
  • A student or have a particular interest in the two regions.

The course is also available as a series of talks suitable for business- and other networks with an interest in the South and South East Asian regions, the countries and the populations.

Course benefit

As always the course is adapted to the participants. The content will be modified according to whether it is to be used professionally or whether the interest is of a general character.

Everybody gain:

  • A lot of general knowledge about the regions and the countries
  • An understanding of the importance of history and its effect on their view of the world in particular the west
  • An awareness of how Asians perceive political systems and how it affects the attitude to business
  • Insight into the perception of neighbouring countries in the region
  • Knowledge about Asian philosophies and their influence on the concept of professionalism
  • Awareness of Cultural dos and don’ts
  • An understanding about their knowledge about and view of Denmark and Danish culture

Course content

This is a jam-packed course full of information and knowledge. Depending on the group of participants, their experiences are drawn up on during group work and discussion sessions.

In general the following subjects are included:

  • The regions, the countries and the populations
  • Bilateral relationships associations and economy
  • Cultural understanding and the Asian values
  • Etiquette and code of conduct in both professionally and socially
  • Asian art, music and movies, the artists and their freedom of expression
  • Asia and Europe/EU
  • Asia and the US/ the rest of the world
  • Asia and Denmark

The course is normally in Danish but can be held in English as well

Om Tse Consult

Course structure

2 day course

The solid choice

Large regions

Large geographical distances, many countries and vast diversity in populations and cultures are good reasons for choosing a 2 day course.

Cultural diversity and expectations

The South and South East Asian regions are rich and diverse in terms of culture but one common trait in achieving success is to understand the importance of personal relations.

The Asian view on the west

Another important aspect of learning about Asia is to understand how they perceive the western countries and cultures.

1 day course

The compact version

Specific needs

If you have very specific needs and areas of interest either in terms of geography such as specific countries or in terms of specific cultural differences, this is a good option.

In connection with new partnerships

This course is ideal as part of a new setup or start-up in connection with a new long-term client, partner or when setting up a new subsidiary in a particular country in the regions.

As part of something else

The course is ideal as part of something else such as team building or staff training days with focus on for example virtual team members in South and South East Asia.

Course package

Securing continuity


Apart from the 2 day course, the course package consists of 5-10 follow-up meetings depending on your needs at the location of your company

Addressing questions

Normally course participants are left at the end of a course or a training session but with follow-up sessions relevant questions are addressed continuously

New routines and perspectives

A package allows for new knowledge, routines and perspectives to settle and for the course to remain fresh hence being a good investment for your company.

Customised Training

Full flexibility

Subjects of your choice

By choosing the customised training option you gain full control over content and only the subjects and countries of interest to you and your company are included.

Customised structure

It might be difficult for your employees to allocate one or two full days for training and it might be better for you to spread it over a longer period of time.

Different content to different departments

It might be that different employees and departments have different needs so let us talk about how to find a solution to your requirements.